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KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base {1}
KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base {2}
KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base {1}
KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base {2}

KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base

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KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base

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KME Precision Sharpener R.P.S.H. Combo Kit Knife Sharpening System with Base
Item Description KME Precision R.P.S.H. Combo kit Knife Sharpening System with Base
model KF-CBO and KF-Base)
This is the most recent KME sharpening system. From heavy reprofiling and edge repair to finely honed razor edges - this kit can do it all! Diamond stones are great for rapid stock removal, bevel profiling, and edge repair. Diamonds are not always the best choice for honing and refining edges though. Ceramics and Arkansas are excellent honing and edge refining stones, but they?re not very fast at reprofiling or edge repair especially with today's modern steels. So KME combined a diamond hone with their ceramics and an Arkansas hone in one combination kit to give you the ?best of both worlds?. If you consider yourself sharpening challenged, this kit will change your life! The KME sharpeners R.P.S.H. Combo Kit includes everything you?ll need to tackle any sharpening job. The XXC-100 git diamond stone makes quick work of reprofiling or restoring damaged or neglected edges even on today?s hardest super-steels. After profiling and restoring your knife?s bevel geometry with the XXC diamond, the 120 and 320 grit aluminum oxide ceramic stones will quickly refine the edge - and they?ll never belly or need flattening. Finish your edge off with the traditional Hard Arkansas stone to hone and refine the edge even further to effortless shaving sharpness (if you really want to show off). The finished edge produced by just these 4 stones will be seriously sharp. Please be careful!
This kit includes the base as well!
It features the same KME sharpening jig as KME's D4 Diamond kit which means it?s fully compatible with all KME stones, strops, lapping films, and other accessories if you ever want to experiment. Made in the USA from American parts too! All KME Precision Knife Sharpening Systems come in a hard case that is big enough to accommodate the base and as many accessory stones as you want to add. The cases are lined with soft foam in both the base and lid to protect your sharpener and accessories. An additional layer of stiffer foam has cut-outs for the stone carrier, stones, and oil or water bottles and holds everything securely in place when the lid is closed. KME Combo Kit With Base Includes:
1- KME Knife Sharpening System Jig
1- KME Knife Sharpening System Cherry Wood Base
1- Large Hardshell Case
1- KME Gold Series XX-Coarse Diamond Hone - 100 grit
1- Coarse Aluminum oxide ceramic stone - 120 grit
1- Medium Aluminum oxide ceramic stone - 320 grit
1- Fine Hard Arkansas stone - approx. 1000 grit
1- Stop collar
1- 1oz Bottle food grade Honing oil
1- 12 x 12 Cotton Cleaning Cloth
1- Sharpie Marker
1- Detailed Instruction Booklet
Guaranteed for Life and Made in the USA
With KME it is easy to work both sides of the knife Just Flip it over
Knife Not included
The KME Sharpner is a manual rod-guided controlled angle sharpening system.  Their system is small and portable and offers capabilities and features beyond comparable systems.  It features a rotating blade clamp and spherical rod guiding system which offers easy precision sharpening like no other system. The rotating blade clamp speeds up the sharpening process and the bearing rod guide maintains precise angles making it easy for ANYONE to sharpen knives and broadheads.  The sharpener allows continuous angle adjustments from 17 to 30 degrees and is marked out in single degree increments for easy angle selection.  The clamp is neoprene lined to protect your blades from scatching or marring, and is marked with two depth lines to assist with repositioning the knife for touch ups.  It has beautiful cherry wood detailing on the grip and and stone holder as well as the available base (not included).  Their stone holder allows for quick stone changes of the large 1" wide stones with a simple knurled thumb screw system and all their sharpening accessories screw firmly onto the same guide-rod.  An all around great sharpening system for home and field use.
Key KME Sharpening Systems Features:
Portablility: Quickly disassembles to store in nice size storage case
360 Degree rotational Clamp with 2 Horizontal Stops: Just grab the knife handle and rotate it 180 degreesto sharpen both sides of the blade.
Just One Large Hand Knob Clamps the Blade: No more adjusting the clamp for blade thickness withone screw, then clamping with a separate thumb nut
Low Profile Neoprene Padded Jaws: Clamp will not scratch or mar the blade while still allowing tight angle sharpening.
Two Knife Positioning Reference Lines on the Jaw: Insures repeatable sharpening angle for individualknives.
Revolutionary Spherical Bearing Rod Guide: Maintains absolute zero deviation from selectedsharpening angle at all times, while providing excellent range of silky smooth motion
Continuously Adjustable Sharpening Angle - 17 to 30 Degrees: Main frame is engraved with angle scale in single degree increments. Loosen thumb nut to raise orlower the bearing assembly to any desired sharpening angle.
Stainless Steel and cherry wood construction
The KME knife sharpening kits come in a hard case that is big enough to accommodate the base and as many accessory stones as you want to add.
The cases are lined with soft foam in both the base and lid to protect your sharpener and accessories. An additional layer of stiffer foam has cut-outs for the stone carrier, stones, and oil or water bottles and holds everything securely in place when the lid is closed.
As you acquire additional accessory stones you can easily customize your kit by simply enlarging the cut-outs to fit more stones? all you need is a sharp knife!
Many people also expand their capabilities of their KME Sharpener by adding the Kangaroo Strops with CBN emulsion, aserration hone for sharpening their serrated edges, and a recurve hone for edges with tight inside curves to their KME kit
Coarser Gold Series diamond hones are also available to speed heavier repair and reprofiling work:  "The Beast" 50 Grit
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Visit seller's eBay Shop About Seller Page More Items!View more great items KME Precision Diamond Knife Sharpening System with Base - KF-D4 and KF-Base$224.90 KME Precision Diamond Knife Sharpening System - KF-D4$199.95 KME 8 Piece CBN and Kangaroo Strop Set - 4 of 1x4 roo strop, 4 CBN Emulsions New$131.95
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Brand: KME Precision Sharpener
Bundle Description: Sharpener and Base
Condition: New A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See the seller's listing for full details. ...
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
Custom Bundle: Yes
MPN: KF-CBO and KF-Base
Modification Description: Bundle
Modified Item: Yes
Type: Sharpeners
UPC: 745559910201
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